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Automating Designers

Heyo, I've been working on our company's website (in Webflow, woo!) with limited (read no) design res
Automating Designers
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #3 • View online
I’ve been working on our company’s website (in Webflow, woo!) with limited (read no) design resources. I did a bunch of research into tools that can replace designers for creating illustration (not fully replace but at least get you most of the way there). Here’s a quick run down of my favorites:
Usually you can either buy images, designs & icons (e.g. noun project, Unsplash) or edit them (sketch, figma) but with Blendful you can do both. Find images you love and edit them right in the app, pay for the assets when you download your illustration. What comes out of Blendful looks amazing.
Know those really cool humanoid illustrations you see on every saas website? Undraw and humaaans are open license (free! usable!) libraries of those awesome illustrations. Search a term, pick your color, download the SVG and stick it wherever you want - that simple. is built exclusively with unDraw illustrations.
Canva is a great tool do simple assets - import your own or buy their templates and you’ll have assets for your website, marketing campaign or content piece in second. I don’t love Canva - everything that comes out of it looks pretty standard but it is an amazing tool if you need something quick and simple.
Are lists like these interesting to you, should I share more of them? If yes click here, if you prefer the videos click here.
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Tools I'm learning
Webflow: Design. Build. Launch. Webflow is the ultimate no-code website builder. With it you can build complex beautiful websites without a single line of code. Webflow powers Coda is a new doc that grows with your ideas. 
What can I automate for you?
Take it as free consulting: if there’s anything I can automate for you, simply reply to this email with what you have in mind!
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