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Democratizing software creation -- thoughts from No Code Conf

Heyo! This week I attended the No Code Conference put on by Webflow and boy did it deliver. Some thou
Democratizing software creation -- thoughts from No Code Conf
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #10 • View online
This week I attended the No Code Conference put on by Webflow and boy did it deliver. Some thoughts:
It definitely feels like there’s been a shift in the no code/low code space. Money is pouring in, there’s excitement in the air. But why now? What’s different from 12 months ago? Software has always been there to help us do more with less. But I kept thinking “this no code thing is different, we’re going beyond software.” But I couldn’t quite put words to that feeling.
Then, Vlad, CEO of Webflow, gave his keynote and it clicked. Bare with me.
We live in a world of abstractions: programming languages are simply abstractions of assembly language which translate in 0 and 1 (there are probably more than 50 actual levels here but you get the point). Its turtles (of simplification) all the way down. And every new level of abstraction makes it just a tad bit easier to create software. And yet it’s just not simple enough. Software creation hasn’t been made human-friendly (Vlad says inclusive) enough just yet. We have an insatiable need for new software and a glut of people who can code (or understand the current level of abstraction for creating software).
But for the first time, it feels like that’s changing. Software creation is finally becoming visual and understandable to the masses.
Webflow can turn you from a designer to a web developer. Zapier can take you from someone who understands processes to a back-end developer & automator. Take Webflow, Zapier and Airtable and you’ve got the powers of a small development team. Add in Typeform with Stripe and you’ve got a goddamn business.
By making it simple and visual, no code tolls are democratizing software creation itself. Now, with a little bit of learning, anyone can be a software creator. It doesn’t reduce our need for developers but unleashes a whole new wave of creators. A lot of them came to the no code conference. It was exciting to meet them. They were all more awesome than I had expected :).

Talks at No Code Conf
Here are my favorite moments from the No Code Conference taken from the livestream. Honestly, it’s tough to pick my favorites, all of the talks were great. They’re all here.
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