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Livestream is back on Wednesdays + Makerpad podcast + New tutorial

Livestream is back on Wednesdays + Makerpad podcast + New tutorial
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #24 • View online

Apologies for the silence – I feel like I start all my emails this way? – I’ve been busy getting up and running on the Airtable team (and a few moves due to the pandemic) which have taken up all my time.
If you’ve missed me (I’ve certainly missed y'all), you can find me hosting webinars at
On to the actual updates:
Livestream is back up
I’m going to be live streaming again starting this Wednesday (tomorrow) at 5PM EST! We’re going to be creating an Inventory management system in Airtable with Zapier and Parabola (maybe) for automation.
I’m hoping to stream make this a weekly thing - I’ve truly missed building stuff live with the community!
Beyond bringing it back, I want it to be a place to showcase what others have built: got an Airtable build or automation you’d like me to showcase or want to come show it off yourself? I’d love to bring you onto the stream. If you’ve got ideas, respond to this email, I’m all ears!
Makerpad podcast
I was interviewed by Ben Tossell for the Makerpad Podcast. You can find the episode here.
We talk about how Automate All the Things got started. Funny story: it all stems from a friend asking how to count the number of days between two dates. That turned into a bunch of events where I taught folks airtable and other no-code tools. Which turned into the Essential guide to Airtable.
It’s also a recap of a lot of what I talk about in this newsletter: no-code twitter vs no-code in the wild, what is no-code exactly and my belief the best place to push no-code forward is joining a no-code company. I also chide Ben about his text only tutorials when Makerpad first started out.
It was fun (and terrifying) to record and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.
New tutorial: tracking your finances in Airtable
I recently released a tutorial on How to track your finances in Airtable using TillerMoney and Parabola. I’m particularly proud of this tutorial since it solved a huge pain point in my own life – keeping track of where my money goes (and it uses tools that I love!). TillerMoney will automatically import all of your transactions to Googlesheet. From there, I used Parabola to automatically sync that sheet with my Airtable base. I prefer to track my finances in Airtable lets me categorize all of my transactions, track my budget per category and see whether my spending is over or under my income per month automatically. I also work there so there’s that!
Hope to see you Wednesday!
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