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On Joining a No-Code Company

Before we jump into it, if you missed the last edition, my Essential Guide to Airtable is free on aat
On Joining a No-Code Company
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #22 • View online
Before we jump into it, if you missed the last edition, my Essential Guide to Airtable is free on I recently added a lesson on blocks since folks thought the course was light on that topic.
Apologies for the lack of updates these days, I’m finding it hard to strike a balance between avoiding the elephant in the room by not mentioning the pandemic or poking the bear by talking about it.

It’s been a little ver two months since I joined Airtable. It feels like yesterday. It also feels like two months ago, we were in a different era, more carefree and lighthearted. Regardless, two months since I’ve crossed the rubicon felt like sufficient time to start writing about it.
In December I shared my goal of taking as many private conversations public. In a circumvented way, I think joining Airtable has been the best fulfillment of that goal. I now spend most of my time helping every day folks learn Airtable to get more work done. Where before I’d help folks here and there through Twitter. Maybe a few more through my course or on livestreams. One day of webinars of Airtable (that I now co-host, plug for those here) probably reaches more people than I would 6 months of DMs and video views.
Now you’d be right to say that most of them view and use Airtable as a project manager/light-weight CRM/whatever they want it to be. Not exactly what we all think of when we create full fledge no-code projects. Now a subset of those users are matching available P95 masks to those who need them, with Airtable as part of their stack. But those are not usually who I interact with on a day to day.
That said, if the no-code’s goal is in a certain way to reduce the reliance on poorly built, late and frustrating custom code projects. What better way to accomplish that goal than by helping folks build their own project tracker or CRM? Empowering everyone to create something that is close to what they need quickly and efficiently.
Before joining Airtable, I’d always felt like I was preaching to the choir – showing off what no-code tools could do to folks who already knew what they could do but wanted to go further. And I’d always wonder, how do I reach every one else? How do I help that person who’s never going to Google ‘Managing Webflow Landing Pages in Airtable via Parabola’.
In retrospect the answer is obvious: join a no-code company. The top of the funnel of no-code companies is a goldmine for folks who’ve heard of this no-code thing but not sure exactly how it could help them. That’s true here at Airtable, but also at Parabola, Webflow, Zapier etc. And that’s exactly who I’ve always wanted to reach.
Ultimately, what I’m saying, is that – for me, and, maybe, for a lot of you – the best place to promote and push our world forward is not on Twitter or Youtube but by joining no-code companies (quick note that you can also do both, see PixelGeek for instance, I’m trying but failing!). And we’re in luck, we’re all still hiring! A lot! Here are some of the roles I’d be interested in if I wasn’t a taken man:
Implementation specialist @ Airtable (if this role is or any others at Airtable are a fit, reach out to me)
Hope you’re staying safe and healthy. You can reply to this email with anything or DM me on twitter.
PS I’ll attempt to start curating links again, if you find something interesting, feel free to send it to me via twitter DM or email.
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