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The Essential Guide to Airtable is Now Free

The Essential Guide to Airtable is Now Free
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #21 • View online
tl;dr you can now get the Essential Guide to Airtable on for free. You can also get it on Skillshare and Udemy (although I don’t recommend Udemy since I had to cut it down to make it free).

Two weeks ago I reminded everyone that they can get the Essential Guide to Airtable free of charge. I’ve always offered a free option to those who needed it, with few takers. But the world’s changed somewhat recently.
After that email, my inbox was flooded with requests. So much so that Udemy free coupons weren’t sufficient to meet the demand.
So I’ve decided to make it free everywhere for everyone. Here’s where you can get it:
  • Automate All the Things (will be the most up to date/complete & where new courses will live)
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy – note that I do not recommend you get it on Udemy since I had to cut down the course for it to be free
This isn’t fully out of the goodness of my heart. I work at Airtable now so it felt weird to sell a course about the company I work for. The course will hopefully find a home in some shape or form at Airtable. But until then, you can find it for free wherever you want.
Partnering with Finsweet
I’ll use this announcement to make one more big announcement that I hope won’t be buried:
I’ve partnered with Joe Krug and the finsweet team. He’s generously offered to completely redesign my website and work with me to make Automate All the Things beautiful and more impactful.
Beyond just making it pretty, Joe and finsweet are making a commitment to no-code generally. Just like he saw Finsweet was one of the first agencies in town to go all-in on Webflow, he’s seeing the impact that no-code is having out there and wants to be first there too.
I’m being thrilled of the new website, of what this partnership means to Automate All the Things and of the fact that the course is now accessible to all.
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