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YC's no code companies + livestream

Heyo! Last week, YCombinator held their traditional demo day. Over 180+ companies pitched to a room f
YC's no code companies + livestream
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #4 • View online
Last week, YCombinator held their traditional demo day. Over 180+ companies pitched to a room full of investors. What happens in that room often foreshadows the mainstream tech scene in 5 years.
I profile my favourite productivity & no code applications below from YC’s 2019 summer batch. We’re at a tipping point when it comes to no code and I expect there to be many many more in next year’s batch.
PS This Wednesday at 6PM EST (Tomorrow!), I’ll be live streaming myself building an event management app with Airtable, Webflow, Zapier. Subscribe to the Automate All the Things Youtube channel to get notified when I’m live and to join me!
Step by step of what I’ll be building here.
PPS sorry for the silence, summer’s been real busy, I’ll get back to the schedule going forward!

YC 2019 summer batch notes
Scrape any website, easily
Dashblock turns any information on a page into an api endpoint. In normal people speak that means you can retrieve information on a website easily and automatically. Dashblock provides an interface where you highlight the information you want to retrieve (e.g. the headline article on CNN) and then gives you a way to programmatically retrieve that data. This isn’t a no-code tool per se but I do see a lot of uses cases:
  • Merchants or hoteliers can check their product’s prices across multiple channels to see how 3rd parties are dynamically pricing their products.
  • Get the top 10 trending articles on CNN/NYTimes/etc at any point of the day
Gmail on steroids
This is a workflow automation tool that lives in Gmail. A cross between Sortd - putting emails into a Kanban format on Gmail - and Streak - a CRM that lives in your gmail. Add on top a process automation tools to manage support tickets and tasks. This looks powerful, especially if your team runs on email.
Your virtual office
I spent two years working at a fully remote company. It’s a win win: no commute, flexible hours, less overhead etc. However, there’s one strong and painful drawback: isolation. It’s crazy lonely and you end up going crazy.
Tandem looks to tackle that by making it easier to collaborate with remote teammates. But also, more importantly in my view, make it easier to just take a break with a colleague across the world in a digital space. Remote work is the next step in globalization and I’m excited about the tools that will support that shift. Hat tip to Sococo also tackling this space (while not in YC).
Tools I'm learning
Webflow: Design. Build. Launch. Webflow is the ultimate no-code website builder. With it you can build complex beautiful websites without a single line of code. Webflow powers
Open broadcast software & Restream: I was blown away by the amount of software out there to make it simple to stream. Thank god for e-sports!
What Can I Automate For You?
Take it as free consulting: if there’s anything I can automate for you, simply reply to this email with what you have in mind!
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