Automate All the Things

By Aron Korenblit

Weekly thoughts on the working smarter not harder using no-code tools + a weekly Airtable tip. Written by Aron Korenblit

Weekly thoughts on the working smarter not harder using no-code tools + a weekly Airtable tip. Written by Aron Korenblit

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How I curated 300+ recipes from TikTok

using iOs shortcuts + Airtable and level'd up my cooking game forever


How I found an apartment in NYC with Airtable

Automation saved me


"The moment you've written code, it's become legacy" an interview with Nick Gamble, VP Solutions @ Unqork

Heyo!I've written a lot recently on my belief that the future of no-code is low-code. That belief is what led Connor and I to launch code meets no-code.Below, I'm excited to bring you an interview with Nick Gamble VP Solutions at Unqork who believes the oppos…


How I automate my budgeting

Heyo!I've been musing on this newsletter a lot recently. It would be Sunday night and I'd think, do I really have in me to write something thought valuable about no-code by Wednesday morning? My batting average so far has been two yes' a month. And I have to …


Data, Logic, UI and (a bit of) code—the future of no-code

Heyo!I can't help but look back over the last year. Clearly, 2021 will be remember as the year no-code went mainstream. Webflow kicked off the year raising north of a 2B+ valuation, Airtable ended the year at a cool 11B+. Zapier in between made it to astronom…


Every tool has automation now part 3: Webflow launches Logic

+ no-code talk + make filtering easier with emojis + no-code news


Airtable launches Interfaces—what that means for you

Heyo!After Airtable Automations and Sync, it's time for Interfaces. In today's edition, I thought I'd talk about what Interfaces is, who it's for and most importantly to a lot of you I expect what it isn't.What is Airtable Interfaces?Airtable Interfaces is, i…


The rise of the no-code (developer) advocate

Heyo!Apologies for the silence the last couple of weeks, Airtable content took priority.I wanted to talk about a trend I've been seeing: the rise of what I'm calling the no-code (developer) advocate. The best manifestation of this trend is at Webflow where Pi…


The case for Bubble by Vithu Namasivayam

Heyo! I've always felt that I was a little difficult on Bubble in my past posts. I thought it would be interesting from a real Bubble power user. So here's Vithu on why he loves Bubble!


Sneak peek into my No-Code Conf talk: no-code content management for everyone.

+ no-code talk #4 + tool tips


Every tool has automation now part 2: Notion x

Heyo!Notion bought! This should come as no surprise, frankly. I've written about how every tool will have automations built in. Notion being a core no-code tool was no exception to that prediction. With that assumption, the only decision notion wa…


Announcing Table Talk, Airtable's new stream + 5 questions for Curtis Cummings, no-code infrastructure @ On Deck

Usually this is where I talk about my weekly stream but today I'm excited to announce I will be streaming from the official Airtable account! We're calling it Table Talk—every Thursday 1PM EST/10 AM PST, I'll be answering your Airtable questions live. We'll f…


#Tweet100 as the quintessential no-code project

Heyo!I'm back from vacation! I don't quite have as dramatic wildlife footage to share this time round. My partner and I spent the week camping in Cape Breton with one night spent autonomously untethered from the world where we snapped this view.


Attention opinionated no-coders, I'd like your input.

Heyo!Usually this space is reserved for thoughts around no-code but I have to say in this 24th issue of the year, I'm finding it a little difficult to come up with something worthwhile to share. As luck will have it, I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks…


The case for and against app builders (like Bubble)

+ page designer stream today + record list app


The case for vertical automation tools

Heyo!Two weeks ago I streamed How to automate your e-commerce store with Sara Du from Alloy Automation. Alloy Automation is a no-code automation tool solely focussed on helping e-commerce stores automate their workflows. Before that stream, I asked myself, wh…


The parallels between no-code & AI by Arne Wolfewicz

+ emojis in Airtable + No-code marketplace using only Airtable & Stripe


It’s time for no-code's remediation period to come to an end by Zoelle Egner

Heyo,This week, I’m excited to welcome Zoelle Egner (@zoelle) as a guest poster. Zoelle led marketing and customer success in the early days at Airtable. Everyone enjoyed her last piece about no-coder who doesn't know what no-code is. If you haven't read it g…


What's next for Zapier and 3rd party automation tools?

Introducing No-code talk + how to prefill Airtable forms


How can you make your process 10% better?

Think process not project + New Airtable automation trigger