Attention opinionated no-coders, I'd like your input.





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Attention opinionated no-coders, I'd like your input.
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #63 • View online
Today 1PM EST on the stream, I’m going to help Jay Clouse, community manager, build an automated system to track tweets for his community’s #100daysoftwitter project stream. We’ll build a system with Airtable and Zapier to automate the whole thing!
You can add the stream (and all future streams) to your calendar by clicking here (it auto updates!) and subscribe on Youtube.
You can catch last week’s replay of All about Airtable’s page designer | AATT #55 where we built project updates, invoices and video assets using Airtable’s page designer.
Onto the update…

Usually this space is reserved for thoughts around no-code but I have to say in this 24th issue of the year, I’m finding it a little difficult to come up with something worthwhile to share. As luck will have it, I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks.
I’m sure I’ll come back energized with a bunch of topics to discuss with you all. I’ve already got some projects in the books, stay tuned 👀
With that said, I’d like to use this issue to get your feedback how I can make this newsletter and AATT 10% better.
The questions are:
  • Your email (optional)
  • What is your favourite part of the newsletter?
  • How can I make the newsletter 10% better?
  • Any other thoughts to share?
Now that you know how easy it is to fill out, I’m sure you won’t mind giving it a go. You can also answer by replying to this email.
Note: I did see an influx of new subscribers over the last week. If you’re one of them, don’t fret, here are some recent pieces that were very popular:
60 + more issues available here.
Airtable tip: how to see two views at once
I don’t know about you but I have many open tabs simultaneously. As I’m writing this, I have 10 open! Often, two of those tabs are the same base but with views open from different tables. It can be a pain to update something and then have to click on a separate table and open a different view.
So here’s a tip on how to have two views open simultaneously from different tables.
Let’s say you have a primary view that you’re working in. In my case that would be my shows table where I schedule all my streams. And then a secondary view, the one you want to display side by side. In my case that would my guest view where I have all guests that I haven’t booked yet.
To start, create a share link from your secondary view. Then add an embed app that display the share link you just created.
Now when I open my dashboard, I’ll see both views side by side
Having two views open at once, definitely speeds up my workflows :)
Caveat: if you update anything in the embedded view you have to refresh the app to get the latest information (just like on a shared view).
Bonus tip: if you want the preview to update dynamically based on a url in a record (say a youtube video, or even a shared view that is related to a record), you can use the URL preview app.
Tool of the month
Paytable lets anyone monetize their Airtable bases without code. Instead of setting up Memberstack, Webflow and Airtable (+ Zapier!) to monetize your base, simply use Paytable and get all of that done for free.
Check out their discover page to see examples of Paytable in the wild.
You can also check out this video where I provide an overview of Paytable.
Is it ironic that I promote a tool built on Bubble in the same month as I write the case for and against tools like Bubble?
From the interwebs
Making this section extra-long this week to make up for the lack of long form thoughts.
This is the tweet of the week for me
RR Abrot
“So though Webflow is a no-code tool, it’s actually the perfect tool for front-end coders. You see, whatever limitations Webflow may have natively, it won’t hinder you because of the HTML embed & custom code options in the page & project settings.

Now about API integrations…”
Tallyforms which I don’t use but have heard good things now has webhooks (which are AMAZING)
Introducing webhooks — send new form responses to URLs or third-party web applications.
Some of my favs—Collen (@CollenMBrady), Naya (@bossNayaboss), Lacey (@LaceyKesler)—wrote a piece for Zapier’s blog about the benefits and drawbacks of n0-code. It’s a good read.
A conversation with no-code innovators | Zapier
Nelson is back streaming on Webflow’s Youtube channel. I’m excited to tune in with the live Q&A with Webflow’s CEO Vlad happening Thursday.
If you’re into streaming like I am, definitely check out Brent Schooley’s (@heccbrent) stream’s on twitch
Finsweet is on a roll! After launching their chrome extension, they’re now launching client first classes. One naming convention for every person, for every project.
Client-first Style System for Webflow by Finsweet
Jake Spirek from 8020 (@jakespirek) launched his Youtube channel with an in-depth guide on how he created Pixelgeek’s voting system with click-up.
How I built the Pixel Geek ideas voting page (Integromat + ClickUp + Webflow + Jetboost)
How I built the Pixel Geek ideas voting page (Integromat + ClickUp + Webflow + Jetboost)
See you all in September!
Until then, happy building.3
- Aron
PS Now that you’ve read the whole thing, tell me how I can make this newsletter 10%? I’d appreciate it.
Thanks to Stephen O'Grady (@orishnal) for reviewing this newsletter every week before it reaches your inbox!
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