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Contributing To The Community in 2020

Contributing To The Community in 2020
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #15 • View online
I hope you’ll indulge me for this meta newsletter. We’ll get back to long form thoughts & purely no-code stuff next week. If that’s all you’re here for, you can skip this one :)
As promised, here’s an exclusive tutorial that is part of my upcoming class on no-code automation. It’s step 1 of an example where I automate a sales pipeline using Zapier.

Feels like it’s been ages! I hope you took some times during the holidays to unwind and relax.
On my end, I love to crochet during the holidays. As someone who spends all my time dreading and avoiding repetitiveness, there’s something soothing and reassuring about its monotony. It lets my mind wander. It’s also when I get my best ideas.
If you’d like a headband, I’ve got a few to give. Maybe at the next no-code conference? Only rule is that you have to wear it. Let me know.
Aron Korenblit
Every year during this time I renew with my second love, crocheting. Here’s a headband I made yesterday.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn, youtube now has so many high quality tutorials, it’s never been more accessible.
So I took some time to draw up resolutions for 2020 and I’d like your input on them. Here’s what I’ve come up with
Being (More) Useful in 2020
There were few things I enjoyed more last year than unblocking someone struggling to get something automated/completed. Even better if we came up with a good solution together. I couldn’t care less if the that solution uses code or not. For me, it’s always all about solving the problem; getting to where you want to go. There’s something about being useful to you that just brings me so much joy.
Little known story but how all of this —Automate All the Things—began was my roommate telling me he’d spent an hour calculating how many working days there were between two dates. I showed him how to do it in Excel in a second and it absolutely blew his mind.
Then I thought is everyone wasting their time with this kind mundane bullshit?
Asking around the answer was a resounding yes! which infuriated me. All these smart people wasting time!
So, to change that, every month for 2 years I’d invite friends (and their friends) to an “Automate All the Things” dinner where I’d show them how to automate the mundane.
The fourth Automate All the Things dinner.
The fourth Automate All the Things dinner.
And it’s out of the video library I made for attendees about Airtable that was born the Essential Guide to Airtable! I realized that if there attendees are enjoying the lessons, there must people out there who could use them as well! And here we are, 3 years later.
Frankly, I don’t particularly enjoy being on camera or hearing my voice (hopefully it’s not too obvious). But helping friends do less mundane shit made it worthwhile. Today, reading your feedback (positive or negative), answering your questions or seeing my builds being used by real people keeps this going.
With that said, I thought long and hard on how I could be more useful in 2020. More content? Different content? What metrics matter?
I don’t have all of the answers one thing I think I can improve in 2020 is making more private conversations public.
Let me explain. I receive a ton of emails/DM’s from people asking how they can do x or y with no-code. I am always always always always happy to help (when I can) and we often get to the answer! But those great conversations die in my inbox or stay buried in a in a thread. The community doesn’t get any value from that. Maybe, at best, I recycle a few conversations into livestreams.
So, in 2020 I want to make those private conversations public. It’s where I get the most joy, and I’m sure you will too if you had access to them.
Some examples I’ve thought of: What if we had that conversation on livestream? Seriously, do you have a problem you want to work through? Let’s get on a Zoom and I’ll make that conversation available on Youtube after.
I’ve already put this in action by recording a tutorial on updating live follower counts in Webflow using Integromat. The question came from a Webflow Facebook group. I’m happy that the answer is now accessible to all.
With that, I shoot it back to you:
How can I be more useful to you this year?
Exclusive Tutorial
In this video, I show how to augment a lead (lead scoring, get user data) in your CRM when a lead comes in through your website. It’s part 1 of an example on automating your sales pipeline using Zapier.
Automating our pipeline #1 New leads
Automating our pipeline #1 New leads
No-Code Tab Dump
We've started onboarding users for the public beta of our #nocode backend building tool 🎉 And for those still waiting, we have a small peek at what's to come👌
Build toolswithout code
Integrate your data, APIs, and cloud services in minutes - Pipedream
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