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Every tool has automation now part 2: Notion x

Every tool has automation now part 2: Notion x
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #66 • View online
Two streams on the docket this week!
Today at 1PM EST, I’m live with Curtis Cummings, head of no-code infrastructure at On Deck. We’ll cover an Introduction to APIs (for no-coders) on AATT’s Youtube channel.
You can add this AATT stream (and all future streams) to your calendar by clicking here (it auto updates!) and subscribe on Youtube.
You can submit a question for Table Talk here. And see all upcoming episodes here.
PS should I just bundle the calendars and have all of my streams on one calendar? It’s getting a tad confusing…

Notion bought! This should come as no surprise, frankly. I’ve written about how every tool will have automations built in. Notion being a core no-code tool was no exception to that prediction. With that assumption, the only decision notion was facing was whether they should build it out natively, use a third party or outright buy.
Build vs outsource vs buy?
Notion has (mostly) shunned venture capital, only raising $50M last year. Therefore, it remains a small team with limited capacity. If we’re to go by the time it took them to build out their API despite strong user demand, building out in-house connections to hundreds of tools would have taken years.
An alternative could have been to partner with (or other automation tool) using their existing connections instead of building out Notion’s own. That would have sped up Notion’s (or any other tool’s) path to automations. However, what’s in it for the automation tool?
Notion costs at most 8 dollars a month per user whereas 8 dollars a month doesn’t get you anything at where plans start at 10$ a month. Their most popular plan is $80 a month (although for 3 users), 3x the cost of 3 Notion paying users. If a Notion user is automating using’s piping, isn’t that a user that Automate is foregoing indefinitely? I don’t see a price between Automate and Notion that makes this feasible.
And that leaves us with the 3rd option: buy (or other automation tool). I imagine Notion went down the list of options and found the tool with some traction, good connections to core tools for notion users and wasn’t asking too much. Automate seems to fit the bill perfectly.
What happens next for Automate?
My gut tells me that Automate continues to run independently while Notion build its automation module within the tool. When that becomes available (which could take time!), I expect them to bundle it as a premium add-on. And that’ll be the end of Automate.
If I was an Automate client today, especially if I was not a power Notion user, I’d be looking for alternatives!
What do you think of this acquisition?
Airtable tip: sync to calendar (3 ways)
I’m a big fan of Airtable’s calendar functionality. It’s such a convenient way to share upcoming deadlines and dates. So here are three ways to share calendar information with your colleagues in Airtable.
1/ Share & embed a calendar view
The first and easiest option is to share a calendar view. Simply create a calendar view and share it using the shared view functionality.
From there, you an also embed that shared view on a page. I do that on my calendar page here. Bonus points if you use button field as a call to action!
2/ Sync to an external calendar
One challenge of a shared calendar view is that it becomes yet another calendar to manage! We can all agree that we’d much rather prefer having one calendar that has everything in it. From a shared calendar view, you can share a URL that adds all events from the shared calendar to the user’s calendar. Simply click the sync to an external calendar and share the URL that is created. Here are details for how to use that URL depending on your calendar provider.
3/ Create a sync’d view and then a calendar view
The final way to sync calendar is within Airtable. This is perfect if you prefer to have Airtable as your source of truth (instead of your calendar for instance). Using Airtable sync, you can create a table that is always up to date with.
Now the truc here is that, you cannot sync calendar views. So to sync a calendar is a two step process. First sync a grid view and then create a calendar view within your synced table.
Here’s a shareable grid view of all past and scheduled streams which you can sync to any Airtable base. From there, simply create a calendar view.
As always, the beauty (and the challenge!) of Airtable is in its flexibility. Up to you to decide where you want your source of truth.
Tool of the month
Fintable syncs your bank accounts to Airtable. Why? Maybe you have business workflows revolving around realtime bank transactions, or you are a solo bootstrapper doing your own accounting. It’s another lego-block in the Airtable ecosystem which enables you to build things with your financial data.
Powered by open banking providers like Plaid, Tink, and Nordigen, Fintable supports most banks in the US, Canada, and Europe. Sign up for a 3-day free trial here.
You can also check out a stream I did with Isa the founder of fintable here!
From the interwebs
Why are hyperlinks blue? Here’s the backstory
Why are hyperlinks blue? | The Mozilla Blog
I’m always impressed by prolific creators like Pablo Stanley. One day maybe I’ll be able to create such beautiful courses
Pablo Stanley
Made a course with @Domestika to learn visual design principles to create dope compositions.
Wasn’t aware of Webflow developer jobs until this tweet from Matt. I’m sure there are a ton of Webflow devs that read this newsletter so this one is for you!
Matt Varughese
2 weeks ago, I started getting a bunch of dev applications out of nowhere.

I asked everyone where they were coming from, and they mentioned (never heard of it.)

Yesterday, I hired someone — on the spot — that came from the job board. It's awesome:
I’m curious how these monthly fees for unlimited support marketplaces will fare. There was myflowmate and now flowsparrow. There was also Quick questions which was not tool specific that went under. Let’s see how this goes!
Flow Sparrow - Monthly Webflow Management
Until next week, keep building!
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