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#Tweet100 as the quintessential no-code project

#Tweet100 as the quintessential no-code project
By Aron Korenblit • Issue #64 • View online
Today 1PM EST on the stream, I’m back with Connor for No-code talk #3 where we’ll talk about nocode conf, a powerful new webflow add-on, Wized, and Carefree, a charity that matches carers and unused hotel rooms built on no-code.
You can add the stream (and all future streams) to your calendar by clicking here (it auto updates!) and subscribe on Youtube.
You can catch last week’s replay of Building a community leaderboard for #Tweet100 with Jayclouse which I’d rank in my top 5 workflows I’ve built live on the stream.
This newsletter has seen its largest growth ever in the last couple of weeks. If you’re new here, welcome 👋! Every week, I share some no-code thoughts, a tip and a tool. Here are some of my favorite recent pieces to give you a sense of what this newsletter is all about:
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Onto the update…

I’m back from vacation! I don’t quite have as dramatic wildlife footage to share this time round. My partner and I spent the week camping in Cape Breton with one night spent autonomously untethered from the world where we snapped this view.
Our exposed tent before the storm hit
Our exposed tent before the storm hit
When I did log back into the twitter-o-sphere, my timeline was dominated by #Tweet100, Jay Clouse’s community project to encourage folks to tweet every day for 100 days. Proof is in the numbers as they say: over 600 participants and hundreds of tweets everyday.
At its center is a proper no-code stack: a landing page (built in Wordpress 🤷‍♂️), for the tweet wall, convertkit for email management, and Zapier, Airtable and Integromat glued together for tracking the leaderboard.
The #tweet100 leaderboard which we built on the stream is one of the workflows I’m most proud of. It’s simple, elegant and extremely powerful*.
Above all, it’s a true example of democratizing software creation in that the underlying tools enabled a workflow that would not have otherwise existed. I emphasize the word would instead of could here because there were no technical limitations in what we built. All of it is relatively simple if you’re a developer: Twitter and Convertkit have APIs, websites can be built from scratch, hosting tweet metadata in databases is relatively easy. It’s feasible, just not with Jay and I’s capacities. And without a leaderboard, I’m not sure #Tweet100 would exist—or be near as impactful.
I’ve tried unsuccessfully to correctly categorize no-code tools by their position in the stack (backend, glue or front-end). In this workflow however, Airtable plays all three simultaneously! But it’s not possible without a second automation tool like Zapier. What my categorization misses is that on their own no-code tools are sometimes (frankly, often) limited but together they enable thousands of workflows that wouldn’t otherwise exist just like #Tweet100. I’m not quite sure how to capture that aspect of our world.
Building this workflow and seeing the community that has formed around it got me thinking: what is our #tweet100? How do we succinctly (e.g. not in a one hour stream) show what they can do and get more folks onboard?
*Stephen O'Grady has since made it even better by making it update in real-time which was one of the flaws of the way I built it. He’s also migrated it to Integromat making it truly no-code!
Airtable tip: add validation to your buttons
I’m a big fan of Airtable’s button field. If you’re new to the button field, here’s a stream where I go through 5 things you can do with the button field (search! trigger webhooks! open apps!).
This week’s tip comes from a discussion with Stephen who presented me with a workflow where buttons were crucial. Pressing a button would trigger a variety of different actions depending on the status the record was in. Sometimes that would be sending a bunch of emails, other times it would be creating records.
Everyone in the workflow was terrified of clicking the button because it wasn’t clear what would happen!
You can actually add validation to your button field! Let’s say you don’t want the button to be pressed if the “status” field is not “in progress”. You can add an IF statement that checks whether that’s the case directly in the formula.
Adding validation to a button field
Adding validation to a button field
You can now see that the button is only actionable when the project is in progress!
Can't click if it's not in progress!
Can't click if it's not in progress!
A caveat here is that adding validation is only possible if the button opens a URL (instead of an app). Unless that is if the action is running a script! In that case you can even add validation within the script itself using input.buttonsAsync. From there you can validate with the user that they actually want to run the script and make sure all appropriate fields are filled out!
Here’s a gif walkthrough—I’ll expand on the stream today!
Tool of the month: Fintable
Fintable syncs your bank accounts to Airtable. Why? Maybe you have business workflows revolving around realtime bank transactions, or you are a solo bootstrapper doing your own accounting. It’s another lego-block in the Airtable ecosystem which enables you to build things with your financial data.
Powered by open banking providers like Plaid, Tink, and Nordigen, Fintable supports most banks in the US, Canada, and Europe. Sign up for a 3-day free trial here.
You can also check out a stream I did with Isa the founder of fintable here!
From the interwebs
I’ve been off the interwebs for the last couple of weeks and my call for content went unanswered so I leave you with this tweet. Let this be you this week (the streamer’s equivalent of this person is folks who actively engage in the chat, if that’s you, I heart you.)
Dr. Emily Anhalt
hello to that one person who nods along encouragingly during presentations
It was my birthday on Monday! I’m gathering donations for OBS Project—an open source streaming tool without which AATT would not exist. I’m still matching donations so if you’ve benefited from my content (or any other streamer’s content!), I hope you’ll spare a few bucks to make sure we can keep doing what we do.
Aron Korenblit
Today is my bday!

If you've benefited from or enjoy the work I do, I hope you'll take a moment to contribute to the @OBSProject. I'm matching donations up to $250 dollars. DM me your receipts.

AATT takes a village, and at its core is OBS. 🧵
Until next week, keep building
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